Our Strategy is Simple:
Keep pushing out the edges to the legal
limit of problem solving creativity.

Consistently offering affordable, quality health insurance is certainly a challenge.

With our (legal) creative strategies, we’ve saved our clients over 3.2 million premiums dollars (and counting) since our first unique creative breakthrough in 2008. We would love to share our proven premium-savings strategies with you!

Because It’s a Health Plan, Not a Health Guess

With our proprietary solution, you and your employees take the guesswork out of selecting health plans.

Coupled with smart technology, you benefit from a unique, data-driven process that sorts, analyzes and scores all available health insurance options in the marketplace. This Data Scoring℠ process ensures that you can strategically identify the best-fitting health insurance plans for your business, your employees and their families.

Partner with us to:

  • Make smarter, data-driven health insurance decisions
  • Take advantage of unique cost-saving strategies
  • Inspire confident and empowered employees

Learn how you can minimize your health insurance premiums.