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Health Insurance Strategy

Many employers guess which health insurance plans are best for their employees, but there is a far more optimized way to build a health insurance strategy, giving your employees and their families the best healthcare plans for their specific needs.

We have the experience that built the system to ensure that you have the best plan(s)!

Health Insurance Strategies That Deliver

It’s a health plan, not a health guess.

With our creative (and legal) health insurance strategies, we’ve saved our clients millions of premium dollars and we can do the same for your business! 

When you understand health plans and what drives their premiums, you can find a community-rated plan (or plans) that provides real value to your employees and their families. The best-suited health plan is very much dependent on your employee’s known and anticipated healthcare needs. Without this data, you’re selecting this year’s health plan options based on a guess and a hope – but hope is not a strategy.

How Data Informs Your Health Insurance Strategy

Data Scoringsm, is a user-friendly, technology-driven strategy that empowers you to easily assess and choose the right health insurance plan(s). When you lay out different data dependencies based on what drives premiums, you can identify the handful of plans that make sense to purchase—leaving the remainder of slightly different plans that, if considered on the whole would cause much confusion. Drilling into the data is the only way to know.

We believe that if we can identify key data patterns and trends in the health plans that are offered by each carrier, it will tell us which health plans are remarkable (worth considering for choice) vs. non-remarkable/too similar (must be removed from the options list so as to not confuse the consumer). Removing the non-remarkable/too similar health plans from the 52 eligible will make the selection process more expedient and reliable for both you, the employer and your employees; providing you what you want and the employee what they need. Our SmartSelect tool is the perfect solution for this because health insurance is so expensive and it is critical that the right health plan is selected each year.

With so many community-rated health plans available to your business, you need a way to whittle down the options– and ultimately choose the best plan option(s) based on data. If insurance carriers are using data to set premiums and benefit designs, shouldn’t you use data to choose which health plan(s) to offer your employees at Open Enrollment?

Data Scoringsm is a strategy to help you anonymously assess your own employee data. It’s a necessity that informs your best health plan choice(es). Unfortunately, few employers and brokers take the time to gather such data from their employee bases. But by skipping this step, you have no means to compete on strategy – you have no data to advise your plan selection.

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