Employee Benefit Services

Supporting Your Benefits Plan with an Array of Employee Benefit Services

For over 20 years Benefit Link has been leading and managing employee benefit programs by providing an array of ongoing employee benefit services. Here are the personalized services we provide our valued clients every day:

Our Thinking, Flexible System Handles
All The Details

Your employee benefit program is a living document that needs care and attention – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. We’re there for you every day. And you’ll hear from us quite often, too – but only when necessary.

You may hire us to manage your employee benefit program, but you’ll keep us around for the trusted connection, care and process flexibility you will depend on to make your life easier.

Benefit Link will make your life easier. Learn how by downloading our Client Services PDF or scheduling a call below.



Benefit Program Management

Let us do the time-consuming iterations that go into creating and stewarding the right benefit program. Our client service motto is “We only involve you if necessary.” At the focal point of your program is Open Enrollment: We handle all aspects–including technology, creation of communication materials, conducting employee meetings and organizing vendors– freeing you up to do what you do best.

Membership Activity Support

We handle all of the day-to-day activity with respect to enrollments, terminations and changes of your employees on eligible benefit plans, only involving you if needed. We finish the process with handling all aspects of COBRA–sending Notice letters and working with COBRA participants.

Employee Support

No one takes care of employees like Benefit Link. We roll-up our sleeves and help employees by intervening on their behalf, whether handling a difficult, time-consuming claim problem or helping to understand their benefits. We also offer step-by-step assistance with enrolling on HRconnection® at Open Enrollment and new hire eligibility and help employees with Health Savings Account (HSA) set up and support.

Enrollment Portal Optimization

We optimize your existing enrollment portal into the management and logistics of your benefit program. If you currently do not use an enrollment portal, we offer clients a customized enrollment portal called HRconnection®. In addition to streamlining the enrollment process for efficiency, once fully utilized, HRconnection® becomes a branded intranet for your company!

HRLink including HR Community Buzz

HRLink is your private client portal. This personalized website is a comprehensive online resource that was designed with your unique business needs in mind. Discover a host of tools, services and resources that help you to collaborate, minimize risks, promote wellness, prevent losses and stay in compliance. It’s just one of the many innovative ways we support your business.

HRLink gives you access to thousands of HR professionals from all over the country through HR Community Buzz. Advice and sound boarding on an HR problem or issue is just an email away.

HR Hotline

HR Hotline gives you access to on-demand HR expertise and advice. HR professionals, available by phone or email, are ready to answer your HR-related questions.

Compensation Statements

When utilizing HRconnection®, communicating the ‘hidden paycheck’ to your employees is only a click away.

3 Level Wellness

No cost, low cost and cost vendor information is provided. We also coordinate and integrate vendors. Ask us how scientific and well-being wellness transforms healthcare and productivity.