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Untangling Health Insurance

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Based in Rochester, NY, we have been empowering businesses and their employees to make data-driven health insurance plan choices for over 20 years. Coupled with smart technology, this consultative relationship helps you identify the best health insurance plan(s) for your business, your employees, and their families.

Who We Are

Our team has advocated for the consumer for over 20 years – working in the trenches to control costs, untangle claims, and clarify benefits. We’re driven to ensure that you have the most valuable employee benefits program for your business, your employees and their families.

Benefit Link Leadership


If there are only three things that define Robin, they are that she’s a woman of insight, challenge and commitment. In order to expertly balance the cost and quality of benefits programs, Robin reworks the status quo and closely monitors budding disruptions in the healthcare industry. That insight helps empower employers and employees to make their best decisions.

Robin is equally driven by the challenge of developing her business, centered around the workings of the knowledge economy and big ideas that transform business.

To learn about Robin’s professional credentials, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

Reviews from Our Incredible Clients

“Benefit Link is our consultant for employee benefits at my company. They have done an excellent job of advising us on a very complex and constantly changing landscape of employee benefits. I had a personal need which was to help my mother with her healthcare benefits when a large local company decided to drop her healthcare insurance without proper notice (as the widowed spouse of a retiree, 87 years old and terrified to go to the doctor’s office since she thought she wasn’t covered). I ran into a brick wall talking to the HR people (frustrating bureaucrats that did not want to accept that they made a mistake, and caused some unneeded mental anguish for my mother…and me).

Frustrated, I called Benefit Link for advice. They were amazing–assessed the situation quickly, knew who I should call and provided me with a road-map of questions to get my mother the proper coverage at the best value.

Benefit Link…expert knowledge, advice and action. Just what I needed in a service provider.”

Steven Russell, Alesco Advisors

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